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Meteorologist Chris Balliro

About Me

Basketball – USA

Weather – Italy

Basketball – Italy

Weather – USA

Childhood Weather Journal

My individual weather journal is important to me because it represents the origins of my lifelong passion for Meteorology and Climate Science.  This journal shows weather statistics that have been documented each day from 1991-1995.  The characteristics include daily high and low temperatures, wind speed and direction, sky conditions, and marine conditions.  These climatological statistics have been measured by an unofficial weather station in Swampscott, Massachusetts, and reveal how much I dedicated my childhood to obtaining accurate Meteorological data.

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Tornado Chase Weather Journal

These journal entries represent the storm chase I attended at the conclusion of my graduate school requirements.  I feel this is important as it demonstrates how my love for daily weather journal entries has sustained from my childhood.  These entries show the daily weather conditions throughout the Midwest during the second week of June, 2012.

This ten day journey was especially sweet in that I was able to reconnect with dramatic Atmospheric phenomenon in the United States.

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